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What should you grab? Water, sports drink, or maybe a drink with a shot of something extra, like caffeine? Answer: It depends. Variables such as the length of your run, the temperature, and your pace affect what you should drink. For workouts that are about 30 or 45 minutes long, a few sips of water will usually do the trick. But for runs closer to an hour, it's important to choose a drink that has the right combination of water, carbohydrates, and electrolytes--compounds such as sodium and potassium--that help your body retain fluid. So what exactly should you sip, and when? Use our guide for every workout. Running Time: Up to 60 minutes Drink: Electrolyte tablets These nearly zero-calorie tablets, such as Nuun, CamelBak Elixir, and Zym Endurance, dissolve in water and provide electrolytes and flavor with few carbs.

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Studies have found that people in the Western world often suffer from low potassium levels in the body as they do not eat healthy. Thus, the body's requirement of potassium increases, leading to a deficiency of this macro nutrient. Comes in packed case, with 12 bottles, each of 14 oz size Available in Chocolate Ice Cream/ Vanilla Ice Cream/ Bananas and Cream/Strawberries and Cream flavours Variety is the spice of life. Recommended Daily Allowance of Potassium There are many people who are diet conscious or are suffering from the consequences of low potassium diet. High sodium levels in the body increases the need for more potassium to maintain the electrolyte balance. Just as one can suffer from hypokalemia, one can also develop hyperkalemia too much potassium in body. The same old water and powder combination can get boring. One needs to maintain a balance of potassium levels in their body or else it could lead to health complications.

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Thus, the body's requirement of potassium increases, leading to a deficiency of this macro nutrient. This is not a good sign as it can lead to many dangerous heart ailments that can be life-threatening. Try some fresh fruit juice for fruity protein mix flavours Try adding a small serving of sugar-free pudding mix to your shake Add chunks and chopped fruits and nuts to the mix, for added nutrients and more flavour Refrigerate protein reds or premix your powder and chill it for some time. But these shakes do have a reputation for being icky or yucky tasting thick liquids, that can be torturous to drink! There is a common answer to both issues, a protein shake. Low potassium in diet leads to hypokalemia that results in weakness, lack of energy, muscle cramps, irregular heartbeat, abnormal heart function and other life-threatening conditions. However, in case of hyperkalemia, too much potassium is present in the body. This causes an electrochemical gradient called the membrane potential.